Tony Hernandez

Hey, Yolanda, I'm almost there.
I'm calling from a pay phone on a corner somewhere.
Tell Carlos I'll be by for my things
And don't tell my mother I'm home yet.

You know it takes a strong man to survive

Tony! Is that you? Man, I thought you were dead!

No man. Just living in the Bronx.

Same thing. That's what I said.
(OR: Well it's better than living in jail.)

I know your parole board don't want us to meet each other
That's why I'm not in the light.
But I see you now, my Death Row brother
And it looks like you made it all right.

I'm going to see Carlos and Yolanda.
Come on and walk by my side.

I don't like to see nobody, only you.

Well, it ain't like we gotta hide!
So how've you been doing?

Doin' the best I can.
I got a job at Beekman downtown hospital
Working as a cleaning man.
But there's one stain that don't fade.
You know what I'm talking about, Sal.
The first time you seen the parade?

Yeah. It's nice. I'll be glad to see my mother.

My father passed away, but I got a little daughter,
It balances so I guess it's okay.

Give your Moms my love.
When I look up at the sky above
It's like an old umbrella with holes.
I'm glad I seen ya, write a big best seller
And may God accept our souls.

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© 1997 Paul Simon y Derek Walcott (BMI)

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