Sal´s Last Song


Mijo! Mijo!

Mama please forgive me for all the pain.
If I could cleanse these hands maybe then
I could start my life again.

You have come to the end of the Santa Cruz road.

There is something I must tell you.
I and I alone. Never the Santero.
I and I alone must bear the blame for the madness that was done,
For the shame that I have brought upon the name Agron.
I and I alone.
When the shells were thrown, when the cape was worn,
When the summer night was torn by the dagger of the moon,
It was I, Mama, and I alone.

Salvador, I dreamed of this moment.
The sound of your footsteps, your face in the light.
Let me kiss your hand.
No more talk about madness.
I've been cooking since morning.
I wanted your first meal at home to be right.

This is my book. I've written my life's story.
It begins that starlit night up on the hill.
Then all the things I did for which I am sorry.

It is repentance that makes good from evil.
You know, before you came I had a vision.

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© 1997 Paul Simon y Derek Walcott (BMI)

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